Lake Norfork Starter Pack

Lake Norfork Starter Pack

Our top selling spoons for Lake Norfork. These spoons will catch all species in the lake. The blue metallic are for when there is some color in the water. This package includes 1 each of the following spoons.

Colors may be substituted if we are out of any colors. Substitutions will be colors that work good on Lake Norfork.

1 oz White Many Shad
3/4 oz White Many Shad
1/2 oz White Many Shad
1 oz White/Red Throat
1/2 oz White/Red Throat
3/8 oz White/Red Throat
1/4 oz White/Red Throat
1/2 oz Blue Metallic
3/8 oz Blue Metallic
1/4 oz Blue Metallic
1 oz Arkansas Shiner
3/4 oz Arkansas Shiner
1/2 oz Arkansas Shiner
3/8 oz Arkansas Shiner
1/4 oz Arkansas Shiner
1/2 oz White Scale
3/8 oz White Scale
1/4 oz Whte Scale
3/8 oz Albino
1/4 oz Albino

A total of 10 large spoons and 10 small spoons.

Special Notes:

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  • Orders made before 1:00 PM CST usually ship out same day.
  • All of our spoons work great for all species of fish!
$ 89.80